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WHO ARE THE "friendsofgeorge"

friendsofgeorge is a formidable group of people from varying walks of life, from housewives and retired gentry to earnest entrepreneurs and top executives. Our primary objective is to enhance the economic  viability of George by the establishment of a business initiative forum to safe guard our business fraternity. Through frequent networking functions, and an informative and interactive website are we able to connect with one another, supporting each other in our businesses, our social and cultural activities and even day to day living.
Furthermore through friendsofgeorge, we are able to take an active part in addressing social needs in our city with mentoring support groups for young entrepreneurs from the disadvantaged sectors of our community. In addition we are able to support several local charity organizations and are involved with some exciting fund raising projects. We are a group of men and women living in and around George who are proud of our beautiful city with its many faces.

This is our Eden where we work and live, where we bring up our children in a safe and relaxed environment, where people still have time for one another and for others.  We recognize that as citizens of George, we are all custodians of our beautiful city and must take responsibility for our extraordinary heritage.  Collectively through friendsofgeorge, we have the clout and know-how to be an effective part of ensuring the future of our community as well as the protection of our precious natural resources. We are passionate about our city and through friendsofgeorge we are able be an integral part of protecting George's treasure chest of natural beauty, our dams, rivers, beaches, mountains, flora and fauna.
Membership to friendsofgeorge offers you a wealth of benefits.  In the regular networking functions you will have opportunity to meet your fellow Friends and promote and advertise your business: You are able to have a page on our website clearly defining your business: By introducing a new Friend, you will become a Best Buddy¹ and earn commission; You will be able to enjoy discounts at selected shops and restaurants: Participate in fund raising efforts and simply enjoy fun events: Be involved in various community projects and charitable organizations: Become a champion for our city and guard its beauty and resources. Get involved now!




The Cattle Baron

The Cattle Baron in George
Address: Shop 20, Eden Meander Lifestyle Center Next to the Garden Route Mall 118 Park Str, George, 6530, South Africa Hours: Open today · 11:30AM–10PM  Tel 044 887 0505


Harcourts - George


Herbalife - George -

Biltong Warehouse & Nuts - George

Biltong & Nuts
The Biltong Warehouse & Nuts Address: Knysna Rd, Eastern Extension, George, 6529, South Africa City of Western Cape Post Office box: 1641, George, 6530 Phone number: 044 871 1892,, Fax: 044 873 6113


EDEN Paints - George

HerbaZone - George

HerbaZone - George

John Dory's George

John Dory's George'
Shop 19 - Eden Meander George - Western Cape -  044 887 0334 John Dory’s is a Family, Seafood, Sushi & Grill. Open 08h00 to 09h30.
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'Eden has highest suicide rate in SA'

A former health worker at a clinic in George, Juanita Nel, has walked her own difficult road with major depression and is now motivating others in her position to get help.

GARDEN ROUTE NEWS - Juanita Nel suffered from the "blues" during her years at college.

She started hearing voices after the birth of her first baby, and it was dismissed as postnatal stress. She became delusional after her second child and only then received the help she desperately needed.

Nel, as with many other patients, had a difficult time explaining to her family how she felt. She was ultimately diagnosed with major depression.

Through the support of her family, community and professional help, Nel is now able to enjoy life. A former health worker at Conville Clinic in George, Nel does motivational speaking at the clinic with the hope of motivating others to seek help.

“I am not ashamed to admit that I have a mental illness. Neither should anyone else,” she said.

Read More >>>
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7 awesome SA inventions

The ‘computed axial tomography’ scan, or CAT scan, was developed at Tufts University in the UK by South African physicist Allan Cormack and Godfrey Hounsfield of EMI Laboratories.

LIFESTYLE NEWS - South Africa lays claim to many of the world's firsts. The list includes the CAT scan, the heart transplant and the ‘speed gun’.

Where would you expect to find the inventor of the CAT scan, the makers of the ‘speed gun’ used in cricket ovals the world over, or the world’s first oil-from-coal refinery?

There’s a wide range of innovative and entrepreneurial activity in South Africa, backed up by a number of organisations that provide support for budding inventors and innovators.

Some of the world’s firsts South Africa can lay claim to are the following:

1. The CAT scan
The ‘computed axial tomography’ scan, or CAT scan, was developed at Tufts University in the UK by South African physicist Allan Cormack and Godfrey Hounsfield of EMI Laboratories. Their achievement secured them the 1979 Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine.

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interests of country

African National Congress (ANC) Parliamentary Chief Whip Jackson Mthembu says that voting in favour of a motion of no confidence in President Jacob Zuma is tantamount to dropping a nuclear bomb on the country.

The Democratic Alliance-sponsored motion will be debated in the National Assembly next Tuesday.

National Assembly Speaker Baleka Mbete has yet to announce whether Members of Parliament (MPs) will be allowed to vote in secret.

But regardless of her decision, Mthembu says the ruling party will defeat the motion because removing the president is not in the best interest of the country.

“It will result in the entire Cabinet having to resign, which will lead to a collapse in government with long lasting ramifications.”

Mthembu has reiterated that ANC MPs were deployed to the legislature by the party and are therefore required to toe the party line.
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Active Networking with the "friends"

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Please help


friendsofgeorge offer / bied

2 x een jaar gratis friendsofgeorge kontrakte insluitende volle voordele en insluitende 'n advertensie op die www.friendsofgeorge.co.za. ter waarde van R480.00. Daar word slegs 'n donasie van R 50.00 of meer word verwag.

2 x one year memberships to friendsofgeorge including full benifits and including an advertisment on the www.friendsofgeorge.co.za website to the value of R480.00. A donation of R50 is expected.

OFFICE INCOGNITO offer / bied...

2 x Pryse ter waarde van R 1'440.00 elk word geborg. Wenners sal volle fasiliteite geniet vir
3 maande lank. Daar word slegs 'n donasie van R 100.00 of meer word verwag.

2 x Prizes to the value of R 1'440 each has been sponsored. Winners will enjoy full facilities for a 3 month period. A donation of R100 is expected.

GRAFFITI WEB DESIGN offer / bied...

1 x Prys ter waarde van R 2'500.00 word geborg. Die wenner sal gratis registrasie vir 'n eie web tuiste domein by co.za en by GraffitiWeb geniet asook 'n volledige 4/5 bladsy webtuiste deur Graffitiweb ontwerp en gebou + 12 maande gratus hosting deur Graffitiweb en die co.za volle jaar jaarlikse fooi ingesluit. Daar word slegs 'n donasie van R 100.00 of meer word verwag.

1 x Prize at the value of R 2'500.00 is sponsored by Graffitiweb Design. The winner will receive free registration at co.za and Graffitiweb for a complete Website domain including the design and construction of a 4/5 Page website = 12 months domain hosting including a full year fee at co.za. A donation of R100 is expected.

How this works.

1. The judge’s decision is final.
2. Only paid-up donation's members will be considered for the draw.
3. The draw will be held on Thursday 06 July 2017 at 10h00 at the offices of Office INCOGNITO. (Address below.) You do not need to be there to qualify for the draw.
4. Mail your pledge to projects@friendsofgeorge.co.za . Please add you’re Name/Company, e-mail address, Tel contact number, Donation amount + Prize you are donating for and we will send you a Competition number and an invoice for said amount.
5. The competition closes on 05 July 2017 at 10h00
Good luck and thank You. This is for a good cause.

OFFICE INCOGNITO – 044 873 3006 – 076 135 5955 – 1st Floor – Tommy Joubert Plaza 1 – 100 Meade Str. – George.

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