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Life….is the total sum of your experiences! ….Everyone wants to live a long and fruitful life. And everyone wants a means of making a living….it’s all part of being alive! With the advent of the Covid-19 pandemic in the world, many countries have gone into complete shutdown. But this cannot continue forever, as economies and businesses will slowly but surely need to be re-opened for both staff and owners to survive.

In line with the government's agenda to allow various businesses to come back online and start trading again, it is going to be imperative to ensure that the safety of consumers, suppliers, and staff are paramount in your business structure.

Just as the crime statistics have caused businesses to increase their precautionary measures to eliminate or reduce their theft rate i.e. material goods; businesses will need to move into a more vital role now of protecting assets that are more important than material things…that of human lives. B&C Group, with over 42 years in the marketing and advertising space, has put together a comprehensive catalog of products that can assist you right now, ensuring that the safety and well-being of those that work or do business with you are protected.

Please feel free to contact us to assist with your needs.

Prices for items are based on volumes and in certain instances there are minimum volume requirements needed to fulfill an order.

Our product line-up includes:

Masks we have a full range including branded as well as branded cloth options
Sanitizers we have from 2ml sachets up to 1000l flow bins
Medical Antiseptic hand scrub
Sanitiser stands various options available including foot pedal
Face protection shields various options.
Cough and sneeze guards with easy to install options
Infra-red thermometers /thermometers at various price points
Protective clothing/boots
Posters and floor decals with safety protocols /social distancing
Metal detectors with spray booth
Medical testing tents/booths
Decontamination stations with mist booths from 1m-3m
Isolation pods
Hospital beds

Sanitization of premises/property with foggers/spray options – example-test driving a vehicle will need to be cleaned by a staff member before the next test drive.
And so much more

Our range on offer is designed to fit different needs and requirements- please send us by email your full list so we can manage your PPE requirements.

#livelifesafe……… let’s keep South Africa moving forward into a new healthier future!

For assistance please email boothw@bandc.co.za or what’s app 082 4463415
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