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Saturday, April 21 2018 @ 03:55 am SAST

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Friends share Ford passion

Friends share Ford passion and fun

Philip Kuschke at a young age, with his father and his 1915 Model T Ford.
MOTORING NEWS - The 22nd George Old Car Show, proudly driven by Oakhurst Insurance Company, takes place on 10 and 11 February.

More than 40 Ford models that were manufactured before 1930 will participate in the 2018 Veteran and Vintage Tour just before to the show.

These will also be on display during the George Old Car Show and among these will be two Ford Model T-cars that belong to friends and namesakes Philip Kuschke and Phillip Rosser.

1915 Ford Model T
Philip Kuschke has been interested in veteran Fords from an early age. "My father played around with Model T Fords. He taught me to drive his 1915 Ford Model T when I was nine years old."

Philip's own 1915 is his favourite Ford. He received a brass radiator from Ignus Bucher in Alexandria in 2006 and started collecting the rest of the parts.

"If one can get hold of a brass radiator, the rest of the parts will follow. Phillip Rosser and I travelled many kilometers countrywide to collect parts."

Philip was able to do most of the restoration, except the upholstery.

"Kevin Casey, my friend and mentor, contributed a great deal to my knowledge of the restoration process. I started working on the chassis and engine because I had many parts."

The bodywork was more of a challenge, as a lot of parts were missing. Some had to be imported from the US.

Philip Kuschke's 1915 Model T Ford. Here he is testing the running chassis for the first time.

"The body of the early Ford Model T contains a lot of wood. I used to own a furniture factory. As I am quite proficient in woodwork, I was able to manufacture the wooden frame of the bodywork and spokes. I also did the steam bending of the roof trusses myself."

It eventually took four years to restore the vehicle to its former glory.

"I am quite sentimental and admire the previous generation. I experience the delightful nostalgia of a century ago whenever I get into a Model T."

Philip's wife, Rosita, shares his enthusiasm. She especially enjoys driving Philip's 1923 Model T.

"This vehicle has a self-starter, so she does not have to crank the engine. She loves driving it and will be the designated driver during the 2018 Veteran Tour."

Philip's brother Emil and his wife, Hannetjie, also share the couple's enthusiasm.

The 2008 Ford Model T Centenary was a major highlight for Philip. "This tour kindled a new enthusiasm for antique vehicles."

The 2018 Veteran and Vintage Tour Philip is planning, is a direct result of the 2008 tour.

The restoration of Phillip Rosser's 1926 Model T Ford nearing completion.

"We are always looking for an opportunity to enjoy the company of like-minded people."

In 2018, ten years after the 2008 tour, the Ford Veteran and Vintage Tour will celebrate a double centenary, as the Model T will be 110 years old, while the Model A will be 90 years old - 200 years in total.

1926 Ford Model T
Phillip Rosser fell in love with the Ford Model T when he acted as navigator for Philip Kuschke during a veteran rally.

"Philip thought it was a good idea to teach me how to drive the car. I was so impressed that I immediately decided I also wanted to own one."

In 2006, he bought a bakkie load of 1926 Ford Model T parts. These badly corroded parts represented about 60% of the vehicle.

He and his namesake scoured the country for more parts.

It took a lot of effort to repair and build the parts. Some of the tasks, such as cylinder boring, were done by an engineering workshop.

The restoration of Phillip Rosser's 1926 Model T Ford completed after four years.

New owner Phillip was able to manufacture the spokes for the wheels and parts of the body himself.

Philip Kuschke often helped and they reassembled the car.

Four years later the 1926 Ford Model T was restored to pristine condition.

Rosser loves driving his Model T. "Fortunately my wife, Amanda, shares my passion for old cars. We are always looking for opportunities to take the Model T for a weekend drive."

The Rosser couple loves taking part in the Southern Cape Old Car Club's annual Heritage Tour in September.

They are looking forward keenly to the 2018 Veteran Tour.

The 2018 George Old Car Show takes place at PW Botha College.

Phillip Rosser's 1926 Model T Ford in the early stages of restoration.

Special weekend and day entrance tickets can be bought online at www.scocc.co.za.

Only vehilcles manufactured before 1975 and which have been registered in advance, will be exhibited at the show.

Contact Klaus Oellrich on 076 764 0897 for more information, or register on the website at www.scocc.co.za.
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Be courteous to truck drivers

Even as early as 1919, the importance of transport by truck was recognised. This historical advertisement is from the magazine Country Gentleman of January in that year.
MOTORING NEWS - It is important for car drivers to be aware that truck drivers face very different challenges from their own - but without trucks, South Africa will grind to a halt.

As a learner truck driver myself these days, it is becoming painfully clear that the weight and size of a truck as well as the different loads which one might one day carry, means needing more time to get going, to stop or slow down and too many other factors to list.

I therefore concur with these tips from MasterDrive on how to share the road safely and courteously with truck drivers:

Leave large spaces between your car and the truck. This will help avoid one of their many and much larger blind spots. Their blind spots are in front or close to their bumper, close behind the truck as well as in certain spots beside the truck.
A rule of thumb is if you can see the driver in the side mirror, they can see you.
Never pull directly in front of a truck or in a small gap between a truck and another vehicle. A medium-sized truck can take 40% longer to stop than a car.
When overtaking, do not just check if there is a gap but check the length of the truck before you go.
Before you do overtake, also make sure you give yourself more than enough time so if the truck is longer than expected you have extra time.
Be extra cautious with trucks carrying abnormal loads.
If there is a double turning lane and a truck in the lane on the left, do not drive next to it. Once they make the turn, this space closes up. The driver left that space there for a reason.
When it rains, leave extra space around the truck as their water spray zone is going to be larger. They will also take even longer to stop.
When travelling in front of a truck, signal early and avoid making sudden turns, as they need longer to stop.
Never stop in the emergency lanes for trucks. These lanes are there for trucks whose brakes have failed going downhill and you could endanger everyone, including yourself.
Do not pressure a truck to drive in a yellow lane so you can pass. They can see more than what you can in that position and will not move over if it is dangerous or illegal to do so. They might also be forbidden by the employer to do so. Those that give you passing space, do it out of courtesy anyway.
Be aware that driving on hilly roads is especially challenging for truck drivers.

Do not pass a truck on an incline then cut in front of them on the decline.
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London to host new World Cup

Sebastian Coe. Photo: Twitter
ATHLETICS NEWS - London will host a new World Cup event this summer featuring eight top nations including the United States and Jamaica, British Athletics announced on Monday.

Britain, the United States, Poland, China, Germany, France, Jamaica and South Africa will compete at the London Stadium on July 14-15.

The tournament follows last year's world athletics championships in the British capital, which also hosted the Olympics in 2012.

The competition format will feature all field events and track events up to and including the 1500m, with just one man and one woman from each nation in each event.

Each nation will be competing for a $2 million prize pot over two evening sessions of athletics under the lights.

"It's great to see such an exciting head-to-head event confirmed to be taking place in London this summer – the concept is one that will excite everyone in athletics and is sure to attract new fans to the sport," said Olympic and world 400m champion Wayde van Niekerk.

Sebastian Coe, president of athletics' world governing body the IAAF, hailed the "innovative" event.

"We have eight lanes, eight top nations, eight teams and a host of world-class athletes lining up in each event to win the trophy and prize pot. This will be a fast-paced and exhilarating experience for athletes and fans."

UK Athletics chief executive Niels de Vos told AFP he was confident the event would capture the attention of the sporting world, even though it clashes with the World Cup final in Russia and the Wimbledon finals.
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Zuma's fate now lies with ANC NEC

Jacob Zuma.
The party’s national working committee, which met on Monday, has resolved to convene a special NEC meeting to discuss Zuma’s future on the eve of the State of the Nation Address (Sona).
NATIONAL NEWS - President Jacob Zuma’s fate now lies with the African National Congress (ANC)’s national executive committee (NEC).

The party’s national working committee, which met on Monday, has resolved to convene a special NEC meeting to discuss Zuma’s future on the eve of the State of the Nation Address (Sona).

This after the party’s top six leaders failed to convince him to step down.

Wednesday could be the day of reckoning for President Zuma.

As expected, the national working committee, which has no power to make decisions on the president’s future, has resolved to refer the matter to the NEC, which is the highest decision making body between conferences.

The NEC can then decide to recall the president.
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