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Friday, June 23 2017 @ 10:26 am SAST

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Free feeding is bad for your DOG!

Do you free feed your dog?

GARDEN ROUTE NEWS - Ad lib/free feeding a dog means that a dog has access to food all day long. So that means the dog is eating whenever it wants to and that makes me a good owner, right?


Whenever food is readily available, most dogs will eat continually. So what is bad about that? In studies it has been found that a shocking 52,6% of domestic dogs are obese. Even worse, most owners are unaware that their dogs are obese!

Obesity may lead to many illnesses such as heart disease, diabetes, some cancers, early arthritis and joint problems because of the extra weight the dogs carry.

In training our dogs, food is the best reward for good behaviour. For example, if the dog comes when he is called and is rewarded with a tasty treat, he is much more likely to come to you the next time he is called.

If our dogs are continually full, there is no reason for them to want to do anything in order to receive their reward.

After all, with ad-lib feeding they probably permanently feel as we do after devouring our large Sunday roast!

Food can also be used to correct unwanted behaviour, like barking excessively when alone. There are many toys on the market that can be filled with food so that when your dog learns how to use the toy, he will find his breakfast/supper. This could occupy him for ages trying to get to his meal.

Food is also used to correct behaviours such as pulling on a lead or running away in a dog park. This kind of training is not possible with a dog that has ad-lib food.

Many owners who complain that their dog doesn't listen, is naughty, stubborn and not food-motivated, have unwittingly devalued the dog's food because he has access to it all day. However, by controlling food intake, it's much easier to elicit a specific behaviour in exchange for rewards.

If you feed your dog twice a day, you will immediately notice when your dog is reluctant to eat. This may be a sign that he is sick. This can be life-saving in the case of say, biliary fever, where time is crucial.

So, now that you know why it is preferable to have regular mealtimes, make the choice that is right for your dog!
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ACTIVE Networking at its best...!

- friendsofgeorge - This is your invitation to Active Networking at - JOHN DORY'S

Date : Thursday 04 May 2017
Time : 09h45 for 10h00
Dress : Working clothes

ACTIVE Networking at it's best - come and experience it first hand...

"friendsofgeorge" has been ACTIVE in George for close to 15 years with a
signed up membership close to 1'600 businesses. Our Networking sessions
are absolutely free with no pressure to join. You can attend every
Network and come and display your product. We will give you the
opportunity to introduce yourself your product and yourself. We Network
every Thursday morning at 10h00 at one of our members premises. You will
be allowed to keep your cell switched on so that you can be in touch
with your office at all times. The "friends" would love to meet you. See

IMPORTANT: The new "friends" website is up and running - please can the
members send me your artwork for your add to artwork@friendsofgeorge.co.za.
ASAP Please. Thanks Rocky. ( 300px wide and up to 600px high.)

For more information please visit our website at the following link:

or mail us on info@friendsofgeorge.co.za

Kind Regards

076 135 5955

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John Dory's George

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This is your invitation to great ACTIVE Networking.

Please join the friends as we introduce our businesses, our selves and our products. It's free...! Please come and meet the "friendsofgeorge"... ! We would love to get to know you.....!

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Networking at it's best...!

Come and enjoy a hot cup of coffee with the "friends" at this "lovely" venue.....! Experience the tranquility that only nature can give you as we build relationships with like-minded business people. Networking is not about sales but about marketing yourself, your company and your product. If you do this right sales will follow automatically. We give you this opportunity absolutely FREE!!!