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Saturday, April 21 2018 @ 03:51 am SAST

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A C T I V E Networking just for You...!

This is your invitation to great A C T I V E Networking with the friendsofgeorge....! Please join us for a cup of coffee at Hap en Stap in George at 09h45 on 01 June 2017 as we promote ourselves, our businesses and our product. Our Networking has been absolutely free for 14 years and we will keep it that way. Pleas share this with someone that you think could do with the FREE marketing......!
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To apply please click on the provided link and complete the form giving as much detail as possible. Thank You. KInd regards Rocky - www.reps01.graffitiweb.co.za

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Second Hand Sam’s in George

Sam's Clothing.
GEORGE BUSINESS NEWS - Second Hand Sam’s first opened in George in 2012, having been in Knysna since 1989. The response of the people of George, both buyers and sellers of clothing, has resulted in the business requiring new bigger premises. And so, 2nd Hand Sam’s is moving a few doors down, to 76 Market Street.

The business is unique in that it deals in high quality, gently-used coats and jackets, imported from Europe. Used clothing and soft goods are also bought in from the public locally.

The business is jointly owned by Tony Buchalter and Linda Swanepoel.

“Although we are involved in several stores selling new clothing, I particularly love the 2nd stores. There is the element of recycling and environmental awareness, and a real sense of providing quality clothing at really good prices. There is also the idea that each coat or jacket is one of a kind,” say Tony. “We buy quality clothing, bedding, curtains etc from people who no longer need it and our customers benefit by buying at a fraction of the normal price.”

Linda says, “The coats and jackets that are brought in from Europe are quite unbelievable. I have seen brands like Armani, Versace, Levi, Hugo Boss, amongst others. New Jackets like these would cost thousands of rands. We sell between R100 to R300.”

“Our new shop is almost twice the size of our current store, and provides a much more pleasant shopping experience. More space, more windows, more light and better parking. And the same old low prices.”

The new premises are at 76 Market Street, just 3 doors down from the current position.

Tony says, “To show our gratitude to the people George for their support, we will be having a Grand Opening Sale on 25th May. Be There!”
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Children have the right to feel safe

The annual Child Welfare Groot Brak River child protection awareness march will take place on Thursday 1 June, from the Greenfields cemetery to the Groot Brak Secondary School, where the marchers will be addressed by role players in providing safe living conditions for children.

GEORGE NEWS - The ACVV George will celebrate National Child Protection Week (CPW) from 27 May to 3 June and urge Georgians to join the ACVV's 'One Day without Shoes' campaign.

Riana Lategan, manager of the ACVV George, said, "We often take things for granted because we think it should be that way.

We are urging the public to go about their daily activities without shoes on Thursday 1 June and, if possible, to donate the pair of shoes they would have worn or a pair of shoes they haven't worn in ages, for the less fortunate. The shoes can be dropped off at ACVV George, c/o Cradock and Marberius streets."

National Child Protection Week is observed in South Africa annually to raise awareness of the rights of children as articulated in the Children's Act of 2005.

The campaign began in 1997 and it aims to mobilise all sectors of society to ensure that children are cared for and protected. It is every citizen's duty to play their part in protecting children and creating a safe and secure environment for them.
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Wes-Kaap tot rampgebied verklaar.

Die pyl dui die posisie van drie hengelaars langs die dam aan en gee 'n idee van hoe laag die damvlak tans is.

NASIONALE NUUS - Die droogte in die Wes-Kaap het die provinsie se premier, Helen Zille, genoodsaak om die Wes-Kaap vir 'n drie maande tydperk as 'n rampgebied te verklaar.

Zille se verklaring is in die regeringskoerant geproklameer.

Damme in die Wes-Kaap se watervlakke staan nou op 'n gemiddelde 18,6%, waar dit dieselfde tyd verlede jaar op 30,5% gestaan het.

Drie damme in die Suid-Kaap en Karoo-omgewing wat as voedingsbronne dien, is dolleeg, met nog vyf damme wat minder as 10% water bevat.

Al drie die leë damme, Gamkadam (Beaufort-Wes), Gamkapoortdam (Ladismith) en Prinsrivierdam (Prinsrivier) is in die Suid-Kaap-omgewing. Drie van die vyf ander damme wat oor 'n watervlak van minder as 10% beskik is ook in die Suid-Kaap-omgewing geleë. Dit is die Stompdriftdam (De Rust - 6,3%%), Kammanassiedam (Oudtshoorn - 6,1%) en Floriskraaldam (Laingsburg - 4,4%).

Die Floriskraaldam was presies 'n jaar gelede 25,8% vol. Die Suid-Kaapse leë damme was dieselfde tyd verlede jaar onderskeidelik 37,4% (Gamkadam), 3% (Gamkapoortdam) en 26,9% (Prinsrivierdam) vol.

So was die Stompdriftdam 37% vol, met die Kammanassiedam op 55,6%.

Volgens Zille se verklaring gaan die Wes-Kaap gebuk onder die ergste droogte sedert 1904. "Die droogte gaan ons biljoene rande uit die sak jaag. Daar is reeds R27 miljoen bewillig om hulpbronne in plek te stel."

Zille het 'n interim ministeriële komitee saamgestel om met oplossings vorendag te kom om water aan Wes-Kapenaars te voorsien.

'n Navraag oor hoe die droogte Oudtshoorn raak en of streng waterbeperkings ingestel gaan word, is Maandag aan die munisipaliteit gerig.

Met ter perse gaan Donderdagmiddag is die navraag nie beantwoord nie.

Drie hengelaars op die kaal oewer van die Calitzdorpdam wat tans minder as 30% water bevat. Foto's: Hannes Visser