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Thursday, May 23 2019 @ 05:16 am UTC

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GEORGE NEWS - The Garden Route Dam level is currently at 77%.

The latest reading was taken by the George Municipality this morning, Wednesday 28 November.

Rainfall since 22 November: 35mm.

The following Section 2B water restrictions currently apply in George and surrounds:

• Handheld watering of gardens using a hose and municipal water: even-numbered households Mondays and Thursdays, 15:00 - 17:00 AND uneven-numbered households Tuesdays and Fridays, 15:00 - 17:00.

• Mechanical irrigation of gardens (sprayers) using municipal water is prohibited.

• Watering sports fields using municipal water is prohibited, except for golf course greens, bowling greens and cricket pitches, daily 15:00 - 17:00.

• Filling up of swimming pools using municipal water is prohibited.

• Washing cars with a hose using municipal water is prohibited (buckets allowed), except for commercial car washes.

• Cleaning of outside surfaces using a hosepipe with municipal water is prohibited (buckets allowed).

• “OWN WATER” signage must be displayed where applicable and must be proven on request by municipal officials.

• Applications for exemption of some restrictions may be considered on merit.


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It is not uncommon for ferries to capsize on Lake Victoria and the number of fatalities is often high due to a shortage of life jackets and the fact many local people cannot swim.
INTERNATIONAL NEWS - Twenty-two people have died and more than 60 are feared drowned after a pleasure boat sank on Lake Victoria, Ugandan police said Sunday.

The vessel carrying close to a hundred revellers sank during bad weather on Saturday in the latest deadly incident to affect passenger boats on Africa's largest lake.

"Twenty-two bodies have been recovered and 26 people rescued," said Asuman Mugenyi, director of operations for the Uganda police. "According to one of the survivors there were more than 90 people on board."

The boat, on which party-goers were drinking, dancing and listening to music, sank a short distance from the shore off Mutima in Mukono District, close to the capital Kampala.

Mugenyi said overloading and bad weather were likely to blame.

"We expect (the number of passengers) is beyond the capacity of the boat. It was overloaded and unfortunately people were drunk," Mugenyi said. "We suspect the mechanical condition of the boat and the weather contributed to the sinking."

"A big storm hit," said local government official Richard Kikongo. "It can be fine on land but bad weather on the lake."

Kikongo said first responders were among the victims. "Fishermen on two small boats could see that the boat was sinking and went to help. People tried to jump onto the boats but they were too many and those sunk. The rescuers died too," he said.

Nearby residents said the vessel was hired out for parties every weekend and often overloaded with revellers.

The Mutima Country Haven resort had been converted to a triage centre and morgue on Sunday morning where police were collecting the swollen bodies of victims

Police spokesman Emilian Kayima said rescue efforts were continuing.

Lake Victoria is the site of many boat disasters. In September, hundreds died when the MV Nyerere passenger ferry sank on the Tanzanian side of Lake Victoria.

With a surface area of 70,000 square kilometres (27,000 square miles), oval-shaped Lake Victoria is roughly the size of Ireland and is shared by Tanzania, Uganda and Kenya.

It is not uncommon for ferries to capsize on the lake and the number of fatalities is often high due to a shortage of life jackets and the fact that many local people cannot swim.

In 1966, more than 800 people lost their lives on Lake Victoria when the MV Bukoba sank off the mainland town of Mwanza, according to the Red Cross.


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GROOT-BRAKRIVIER NUUS - Die sogenaamde meesterbrein agter die dubbele moord van ‘n egpaar op Groot-Brakrivier wat landuit gevlug het, is in hegtenis geneem.

Polisiewoordvoerder kaptein Malcolm Pojie het bevestig dat die verdagte, Lebohang Lekoro gister in Bloemfontein gearresteer is.

Lekoro het na Lesotho gevlug kort na die grusame moord op die 72 jarige Tewie en 62 jarige Eurika Human by hulle huis op Groot-Brakrvier in Julie 2016.

Tewie is met ‘n panga doodgeslaan en Eurika is met ‘n mes gesteek.

Lekoro het vir die Humans gewerk.

‘n Ander verdagte, ‘n vriend van Lekoro, die 27 jarige Thamsanqa Sishuba is in September verlede jaar twee lewenslange vonnisse opgele vir sy aandeel in die moord.

Lekoro sal Maandag in die Mosselbaai Landdroshof verskyn op twee aanklagte van moord.


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Emo Adams together with favourite local mascots set to brighten up the city.

A previous lights festival in George.
GEORGE NEWS - The 2018 Lights Festival on 8 December will have a jam packed programme running for children, with appearances by four of George’s favourite mascots.

Georgie from GO GEORGE says he is the most famous selfie personality in George and is always ready to brighten up your photo with his friendly smile! He loves to tell children all about the marvelous GO GEORGE bus service.

Smartie is the new kid on the block and Georgie's best friend forever. He says he is not such a selfie celebrity yet, but he is really a bit smarter than Georgie, so it's okay. Smartie says his job is to help people understand how to work the new Smart Card.

Daantjie Kat loves road safety and he has been teaching children how to use road and where it is safe to play for over 15 years in George.

And the very newest super hero in George will be there as well - Rocky the Recycling Rooster is a recycling hero and he teaches children all about how cool it is to recycle their rubbish!

Georgie and Smartie from Go George

Come and meet your favourite characters from 14:00 – 17:00 in the cordoned area next to the George Tourism office. Entrance is from York Street.

Fun galore for all ages with jumping castles, face painting and other exciting activities.

Parents must accompany under aged children and Community Development officials identifiable by orange bibs with name tags will be present to assist on the day.

Recycle with Rocky Rooster

The youth programme will start on the main stage from 14:00 with the Classic Programme starting at 17:00. The switching on of the Festive Season Lights will take place at 20:00 followed by a performance by Emo Adams.

York Street between Hibernia / Langehoven and Courtenay Streets as well as a portion of Cathedral Street will be closed from 12:00 in order to ensure the safety of all. Directional signage will be in place.

A number of stalls will be available throughout the day from 14:00 selling food and other items.


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Battalion installing barbed wire fences on the banks of the Rio Grande


Soldiers from the Kentucky-based 19th Engineer Battalion installing barbed wire fences on the banks of the Rio Grande in Laredo, Texas.

INTERNATIONAL NEWS - They started work in the cool of the morning and moved quickly, uncoiling reel after reel of vicious-looking fencing and tying it with barbed wire to green poles hammered into the ground.

Over the course of three days, a gleaming, shoulders-high barrier of concertina-wire emerged like a silver snake along a lush riverbank, stretching as far as the eye could see.

This was the work of 100 or so American troops from the 19th Engineer Battalion, based in Fort Knox, Kentucky.

Rather than finding themselves in a far-off warzone, the soldiers are in Laredo, a busy border town overlooking a stretch of the Rio Grande river in southwest Texas, carrying out controversial orders from President Donald Trump.

He has sent about 5,800 troops to the border to forestall the arrival of large groups of Central American migrants traveling through Mexico and towards the US, in a move critics decry as a costly political stunt to galvanize supporters ahead of midterm elections earlier this month.

Before the election Trump called the matter a "national emergency" and warned that so-called migrant caravans were an "invasion" with "some very bad thugs and gang members."

So far at least, the most visible aspect of Trump's deployment is the fence, a visible deterrent and physical obstacle to migrants, designed to corral would-be asylum seekers towards organized points of entry into the US.

Residents with cakes

Over the weekend, Lieutenant Alan Koepnick's platoon could be seen stringing concertina wire, which is built to snag clothing, along one edge of a quiet riverside park near downtown Laredo.

As families walked dogs, grilled sausages and relaxed, the soldiers mounted the wire, occasionally ripping their camouflaged uniforms on its metal barbs.

Koepnick said some Laredo residents had voiced disquiet about the fencing and the presence of US troops.

"But there's also been a lot of support, people coming in, vets shaking our hands, bringing us cakes, water, things like that," Koepnick told AFP.

About 100 yards (meters) behind him, a group of people on the Mexican side of the river could be seen standing on the bank.

"You'll see people across the river cursing at us in Spanish, throwing bottles at us. But on this side it's more positive," Koepnick said.

He and his soldiers were unarmed, but a group of armed military police officers stood by to provide "force protection."

Under US law, the military is not allowed to conduct domestic law enforcement in most cases, so soldiers here will not have any direct interactions with migrants.

Trump created a media whirlwind by sounding the alarm about the migrant caravans before the November 6 elections. He has mainly stopped raising it since, though last week he praised the military's work.

"They built great fencing, they built a very powerful fence," said Trump, who wants to build a hardened wall along the entire 2,000-mile (3,200-kilometer) border.

Laura Pole, a British tourist visiting Laredo for the third time, was less enthusiastic.

"It reminds me of Hitler and the concentration camps," she said, but added: "I really don't know what's the best thing to do."

No risk of combat

The border mission has put the supposedly non-political military in an uncomfortable spotlight.

Defense Secretary Jim Mattis has hit back at critics who say the Pentagon should not be doing Trump's political bidding, saying "we don't do stunts".

He visited troops on the border last week and reiterated that their job in the short term was to assist under-resourced Customs and Border Protection (CBP) agents and put up physical obstacles.

But "longer term, it's somewhat to be determined," he said.

After some rank-and-file troops grumbled about the purpose of the mission to US media last week, they are now under strict instructions not to voice personal opinions to the press.

Several soldiers AFP spoke to said their time on the border provided valuable real-world training, albeit without the risks of combat.

"We have a very large group of brand-new soldiers and it's really good for them," Corporal Samuel Fletcher said, citing a chance for the green troops "to do real work and put their skills to use."

Focus on Tijuana

In Laredo, large groups of migrants from the caravans in Mexico had not arrived.

Instead they were mainly headed to Tijuana, about 1,300 miles away in San Diego, where authorities say more than 3,000 have already arrived.

Still, a CBP agent, who was not authorized to give his name, said he was glad of the military assistance as each day, "hundreds" of migrants attempt to cross the approximately 30-mile stretch of border he patrols.

The military deployment is set to wrap up December 15 and it is not clear what will become of the wire fencing.

Already, the winds whistling down the Rio Grande valley are strewing trash, clothing and plastic bags along the jagged wire.

"Nobody seems to know when it's coming down. It's not really our decision," said Koepnick.

"If we are told to take it down, we will take it down with a smile on our faces, like good soldiers."


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GARDEN ROUTE NEWS - Marc Rodgers, station commander of the NSRI Plettenberg Bay station, urges bathers and paddlers along the Plettenberg Bay coastline to be cautious due to confirmed increase shark activity inshore along the coastline.

The sharks are attracted to and feeding on a juvenile Humpback whale carcass that has washed ashore among rocks at Groot Bank, close to Keurboomstrand, off-shore of the Salt River.

Bitou municipal solid waste removal are investigating options to remove or dispose of the carcass.


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Panel supports land expropriation plans

Some opposition parties say panel didn’t follow proper process.


BUSINESS NEWS - A panel of South African lawmakers resolved that the constitution needs to be changed to make it easier to seize land without paying for it, the latest twist in a divisive debate over how to address racially skewed ownership patterns dating back to apartheid and colonial rule.

The ANC used its majority in Parliament’s Joint Constitutional Review Committee to force through the adoption of a report Thursday that recommends that the wording of section 25 of the constitution be changed to explicitly allow for expropriation without compensation.

The decision was backed by the populist Economic Freedom Fighters, the third-largest party, and the United Democratic Movement.

The Democratic Alliance, the main opposition, and several other smaller parties complained that the panel didn’t follow proper procedure because it largely ignored more that 400,000 written submissions from the public on the issue.

While the National Assembly’s approval of the report is seen as a formality, it is likely to be challenged in court. The South African Institute of Race Relations, a Johannesburg-based research institution, on Wednesday said it has briefed its lawyers about the procedural flaws with a view to seeking a judicial review of the parliamentary process.

If the process isn’t derailed by lawsuits, another lawmakers’ panel will draw up revised constitutional provisions that deal with property rights, which could take several months.

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- GENERAL NEWSIn a damning judgment slamming the rugby legend’s widow, Amor was described as lacking in compassion in trying to overturn his most recent will.

Amor Vittone inherits only a TV from Joost, judge rules

Joost van der Westhuizen and his estranged wife Amor Vittone during happier times.

NATIONAL NEWS - A high court judge in Pretoria has lashed singer Amor Vittone’s denial that her late husband, rugby legend Joost van der Westhuizen, was no longer able to hold a pen when he drew up a new will as “scandalous” and her conduct towards him as “lacking respect and compassion”.

Judge Hans Fabricius yesterday granted an order to Joost’s brother Pieter and attorney Ferdinand Hartzenberg, declaring his 2015 will to be valid and reflecting his last wishes. The master of the high court was instructed to accept the will and appoint Pieter as the executor of his brother’s estate.

Amor was also ordered to the pay the legal costs relating to the application.

In terms of the will Amor inherits only a television set while the bulk of Joost’s estate is left in trust to his children, aged 13 and 11. The will also makes it clear that Amor may not get any direct benefit from the trust and that Joost wanted his children to maintain a good relationship with his parents and brothers.

Amor opposed the application, claiming a 2009 joint will in which she was Joost’s only heir was the only valid will as he had not signed his 2015 will. She claimed he was still able to hold objects in 2015 and would have been able to sign his will and questioned his mental capacity.

Joost died of motor neuron disease in February 2017, but Hartzenberg said his condition had deteriorated to such an extent by 2015 that he could not hold a pen, although there was nothing wrong with his mental abilities and he could still communicate using modern technology and his eye movements.

Judge Fabricius said there was a whole history leading up to the new will, including Joost’s physical and mental condition, which indicated that he knew exactly what he wanted and why. It was strange that Amor, who was Joost’s wife for many years, would not have been able to say how his condition progressed.

He said there was enough evidence that Joost was unable to even hold a trophy presented to him in 2015 and Amor’s denial that he could not hold a pen was “scandalous, to put it lightly”.

As for his mental condition, Amor said nothing about what she observed. She also said nothing about allegations that she had threatened to change the children’s surnames and keep them away from Joost if she was not declared the heir of the entire estate or about Joost setting up a trust because of her undisciplined spending.

The judge remarked that this was not the way to treat someone you once were in love with, or how you should treat your children.

He said it was probably best to say as little as possible about Amor’s affidavit because of issues relating to respect and compassion, adding that he would have expected more than a denial of Joost’s physical and mental condition, which was no defence.

Amor in court papers blamed their break-up on a video allegedly depicting him having sex with another woman, but Hartzenberg said the video was irrelevant and only showed Joost “interacting” with the woman. He said Joost had often complained to him about Amor’s extramarital affairs and was so concerned that there would be nothing left for the children because of her spending habits that he set up the J9 Trust to ensure the children’s finances were properly managed.

He said Joost wanted to go ahead with their divorce in 2015, but kept it back after her father asked him to do so because she did not want negative publicity before the launch of her new CD. His condition deteriorated so badly thereafter that he was no longer able to proceed with the divorce.


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- GEORGE NEWS Outeniqua-rolbalklub bederf brandweerhelde

Rita Louw verpak die groot aantal worsrolletjies wat aan die brandweerpersoneel geskenk is.
GEORGE NUUS - Uit dankbaarheid vir hul geesdrif en heldhaftige pogings om die vure onder baie moeilike omstandighede teen die Outeniquaberge te beveg, het Outeniqua-rolbalklub besluit om die dapper vegters met ietsie te ete en te drinke te bederf.

Klublede het ingespring en worsrolletjies gemaak wat deur die klub geskenk is.

Kiste vol koeldranke en water is ook aan die brandweerstasie gegee om as lafenis in die snikhete omstandighede te dien.

Petro Scheepers (links) en Rita Louw by van die drinkgoed wat geskenk is.