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Saturday, February 23 2019 @ 01:00 am UTC

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- GEORGE NEWSGEORGE NEWS - International ministry leader and award-winning author, Dr Bruce Wilkinson, will visit George and Mossel Bay on 5, 6 and 7 September. This will also be the last time Wilkinson will be touring South Africa to address audiences.

The world renowned Teach Every Nation (Ten) was founded by Wilkinson as the culmination of four decades of proven global ministry and training 'best practices'.

The Garden Route can look forward to three opportunities to share in Wilkinson's wisdom and to take away food for the soul.

It is safe to say that Wilkinson will undoubtedly inspire audiences during this visit to the Garden Route. He will be the keynote speaker at a breakfast that will be hosted for the business community at the Oubaai Hotel on 6 September at 07:30 for 08:00.

Funds raised at this event will go towards Bible School on Wheels.

For more information contact Althi on 076 486 4632.
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- GEORGE NEWSGARDEN ROUTE NEWS - The Garden Route SPCA is alarmed by the increasing number of pit bull terriers attacking people and wants the public to be educated about the nature of this controversial breed. "The public needs to be educated about this power breed," said senior SPCA inspector Salomé Bruyns.

"Most pit bulls in the townships are kept illegally chained or caged, which makes even a docile dog aggressive and territorial. Dogs are naturally territorial animals and when they are confined to a small space, this instinct is enhanced and they become neurotic, anxious and aggressive," she said. "For everyone's safety, we are forced to humanely euthanise any pit bull that wounds a person seriously."

The original American pit bull terrier was selectively bred to fight dogs but also to be compatible with people. Irresponsible breeding has led to some pit bulls being dangerous to humans. Selective breeding involves choosing some natural attributes of the animals; innate behaviours that give the animal satisfaction and pleasure through the release of 'feel-good' hormones and endorphins, which trigger euphoric feelings.

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Friends of George 30 August 2018

- NETWORKINGCome and join us for a 'buzz over coffee' at Blues Caffe! Bring your marketing materials, business cards or samples! Show us what you do and where you are. Its free to join us for the morning and its free marketing for yourself!!!

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- GENERAL NEWSNATIONAL NEWS - A Centurion fire that has been burning since Saturday evening will take days before it is completely put out, Tshwane emergency services said on Sunday afternoon.

Spokesperson Johan Pieterse said personnel from two fire stations had been on site in Sunderland Ridge since Saturday night to ensure the fire did not spread to another stack of tyres about 20 metres away, Centurion Rekord reports.

“The emergency services team will remain on site until the fire, which is likely to burn for a number of days, is completely out, while the environment and agriculture management team will monitor the impact of air pollution at the Pretoria West air quality monitoring station.

“These tyres are stored in an open field to be used as a rifle shooting range.”

He said the cause of the fire was subject to investigation, and that the metro’s environment and agriculture management department would also investigate the legality of storing tyres on such a site.

Pieterse said the intensity of the fire as well as the limited access to water in the area posed a challenge to their work.

“This is the second time we’ve had a fire in this area. We had one about a year and two months ago.”
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A C T I V E Networking at its best......!

- NETWORKINGThis is your friendly invitation to the great next "buzz over coffee" on Thursday 23 August 2018 at 10:00 with all the - friendsofgeorge - do come and join us. Come and promote yourself, your product and your business. It's your free publicity!

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VAT and fuel price hikes

- GENERAL NEWSThe unneccessary burden on South African pockets

It has been a bumpy ride for South Africans thus far. In the stint of less than a year, we've seen and experienced a lot. From the euphoric developments like the unseating of a despised president to the first positive Cabinet reshuffle in almost a decade, but then the depressing surprises of a VAT increase and weighty consecutive fuel price increases.

Particularly, the negative one of fuel prices has stirred much anger while catapulting the poor into deeper pockets, with an unfazed government of corrupt delinquents plundering scores from the heaps of tax raked from the people.

The price of petrol stood at a considerate R6.92 in July 2008 and increased exponentially to R15.53 in July 2018 at the coast, and from R7.16 to R16.02 inland – nearly tripling in the last decade translating into a whopping 124. 42% and 123.74% respectively.

Reason for the price hikes? External factors, they claim.

Actually, these external factors such as oil prices and a weak Rand shouldn't be too much of a problem. Some of our neighbouring countries source their petrol from South African-based SASOL, yet, on average, sell fuel around R5 cheaper than the price in the manufacturing country!

Instead of further burdening a financially strapped nation with exorbitent fuel prices and a VAT increase, government should have explored other methods to garner the defecit.

1. Reduce the size of our ridiculously large cabinet

It is no secret that the incompetent cabinet President Cyril Ramaphosa inheritted from Jacob Zuma costs South Africans a prodigious amount totalling nearly a billion Rand, R720 million to be precise.

Getting rid of all unneccessary departments through merging should actually be one of President Ramaphosa's top priorities. Here are millions to be saved, but elitist favour demands otherwise.

2. Reduce the almost useless levies

Most parastatals were infested by the pervasive network of Gupta-brokered corruption and are now going through the consequences.
In particular, the Road Accident Fund has failed. It bites a chunk of R1.93, yet financially it continues to hover in the red with contingent liabilities amounting close to R190 BILLION!

Much of the company's income has been unaccounted for, leaving us all to wonder whether it's worth to continue contributing to something clearly lacking credibility and accountability.

The fuel levy has a similar negative story to tell. Where are all those billions? Why don't we see the benefits?

3. Do away with government-regulated prices

I recently read an interesting article by Martin van Staden of the Free Market Foundation who proposed a good way to force the prices of our fuel down by enabling competition in the industry.

This, he writes, is normal in most countries except South Africa. For instance, in the United States a consumer can drive just a few kilometers more and fill up for less, which obviously forces other companies to lower their prices to win customers.

4. #TakeBackTheTax

This is a new campaign that could effect the return of BILLIONS if its calls are heeded by top ranking officials in the government.

It has revealed that around R7 BILLION are lost to illicit trade of cigarrettes. A lot could be done with this money, and again, government just prefers the easy way to raise funds instead.

That said, let's wait for government to heed our calls. Hopefully it isn't too much to ask to be relieved from fuel price increases and a VAT increase meant to make us pay for money that was stolen from our own pockets.
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- GEORGE NEWSGEORGE NEWS - About 40 people from the taxi industry were arrested yesterday afternoon in the George CBD when the standoff between the traffic and police officers and the local taxi industry got out of hand.

The standoff started on Monday when the taxis went on strike in protest of impoundments and the non-issuing of taxi permits. Following long negotiations on Tuesday and Wednesday it seemed that all would be back to normal on Thursday, as it was agreed by all the role players that a committee would be established within seven days to plan the way forward.

Traffic swoop on Thursday
But at sunrise on Thursday, the provincial traffic ghost squad swooped again and impounded another 6 taxis. This angered the owners and drivers and more than 100 taxis gathered at the GO GEORGE bus depot in York Street where the impounded taxis were parked.

The taxis blocked the road and the area was cordoned off from the circle at Hope Street right through to Fichat Street in the CBD.

A Pops official told the paper that taxi drivers were informed that impounding fees must be paid before taxis would be released.

ANC MPL Cameron Dugmore also tried his luck at mediation.

He added that unlawful actions wouldn't be tolerated. After about 8 hours of deadlock in negotiations to get the taxis released, the taxis were forced by the riot police to leave the depot and they headed up York Street under police escort. In the CBD the police used stun grenades and rubber bullets to disperse protesters who they deemed to be threatening. Most of the taxis then parked at the taxi rank in the CBD - not taking on passengers, but also not heading home. At the time of going to press at 17:00 the taxi industry was convening a press conference at the taxi rank.

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Italian bridge company under fire as rescuers toil for third day

- GLOBAL NEWSINTERNATIONAL NEWS - Italy's populist government was on a war footing Thursday with the Italian operator of the bridge that collapsed and killed dozens in the port city of Genoa as desperate efforts to find survivors in the rubble went into a third day.

Shares in Atlantia, the holding company of infrastructure giant Autostrade per L'Italia, plummeted after the government said it would seek to revoke its lucrative contracts.

On the ground, rescue workers toiled among bulldozers and cranes to find survivors amid the ruins of a vast span of the Morandi bridge that collapsed on Tuesday, sending about 35 cars and several trucks plunging 45 metres (150 feet) onto railway tracks below.

"We were unlucky last night, we did not find anyone. We are still looking for cavities that can hide people, living or not," said fire official Emanuele Gissi, adding that the unstable rubble has made the search operation "dangerous".

"We are trying to cut the big pieces of concrete that fell off the bridge, after which we will move them with the cranes and send in search dogs. Then our personnel will try to see if there are any positive signs."
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Pizza Hut in George

- GEORGE NEWSGEORGE BUSINESS NEWS - In September 2014, Pizza Hut, a division of Yum! Brands, Inc. with more restaurant locations in the world than any other pizza company, entered the African market by opening its first store in South Africa and to date, has just over 100 stores successfully operating throughout the African continent.

To celebrate opening the latest store in George, Western Cape, the Pizza Hut team is offering the first 100 customers to visit this store a free small chocolate pizza.

“We are very excited to bring Pizza Hut to George,” said CEO of Marathon Restaurant Group, Tony Ozanne, who is based in the Western Cape, South Africa said. “Pizza Hut is on a journey to become the most loved and fastest-growing pizza brand in the world and we look forward to continuing to share our high-quality pizzas, made by our passionate team members, with consumers throughout the Western Cape.”

“Pizza Hut fans living in George, Western Cape, have been waiting with great anticipation for Pizza Hut to open. It is an exciting opportunity to bring this world-renowned brand to consumers in George. The unique deep pan base, fresh ingredients, and abundance of pizza toppings will ensure that Pizza Hut will be successful in this market,” says John Swanepoel, Operations Manager at Marathon Restaurant Group.

The new Pizza Hut in York Boulevard features modern designs and the team is committed to providing an easy pizza experience with ongoing developments in online ordering, delivery and carry out.

About Pizza Hut Pizza Hut, a subsidiary of Yum! Brands, Inc. (NYSE: YUM), has more restaurant locations in the world than any other pizza company. Founded in 1958, Pizza Hut operates over 16,700 restaurants in more than 100 countries.
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Limited GO GEORGE services resume

- GEORGE NEWSGEORGE NEWS - Limited GO GEORGE services have resumed from 05:00 this morning.

1A New Dawn Park - CBD
1B Harmony Park - CBD
60 Rosedale - CBD
2 Blanco - CBD
7 CBD - GR Mall
53 Rosemoor - CBD

The service will run according to the normal schedule on these routes.

Since not all routes will be active, employers are kindly requested to be understanding and patient should employees arrive at work late.

Any change to these plans will be communicated via the GO GEORGE Facebook page immediately. Alternatively, the GO GEORGE Call Centre may be phoned on 0800 044 044 for the latest service update.