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Saturday, January 19 2019 @ 05:18 pm UTC

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Mielies vir Suid-Kaap-boere

- GENERAL NEWSMOSSELBAAI NUUS EN VIDEOS - 10 Vragmotors met mielies het gisteraand in Mosselbaai aangekom.

Drywers van die trokke staan vanoggend trots voor hul vragmotors by Cobra Transport buite Mosselbaai en wag om aflewerings te begin doen.

Die mielies kom vanaf Fochville en is bestem vir Suid-Kaap-boere wat geraak word deur die droogte.

Die projek het oorspronklik begin om aan Calvinia hulp te verleen en het uitgebrei na ander omgewings wat ook hulp nodig het.

Die projek word bestuur deur Burre Burger (082 97 09219) en gefonds deur die algemene publiek en ondernemings.
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What to do if you have an accident

- IN GENERALHere's a simple checklist from Suzuki to get you through any bumper-bashing or more serious problem on the road. It is relevant to any car accident, no matter how insignificant it may seem at the time.

Before getting out of your car, check to see if your passengers are uninjured and reassure them.

Check your surroundings - you may be in the middle lane of the freeway and do not want to leap blindly into the traffic.

Before leaving the vehicle, switch on your hazard lights. If you have a cone or triangle, place them on the road so people avoid your car.

Call a loved one or friend and advise them what has happened and where you are. Reassure them that you are uninjured and say you will call back in 10 minutes should you need further assistance.

Call your insurance company so you can report the accident and be sure that you use the right towing company.

Switch the phone to video and if it is safe, get out of the vehicle. Record or take still images of the scene, ensuring you include the number plates of any other vehicle involved.

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Cattle Baron 09 August 2018

- NETWORKINGACTIVE Networking - Please come and spoil a lady and join us for a breakfast for only R50,00 and receive a free cup of coffee!! You will get the chance to promote yourself, your business and your product!! For catering purposes it would be great to know if you will be able to join. Hope to see all the gents bring a lady and spoil them...!

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What should your heart rate be and why?

- IN GENERALLIFESTYLE NEWS - Humans have been aware of their heart rate for thousands of years. But knowing the meaning behind the beats isn’t so simple.

Myriad factors affect our heart rate, including our age, medical conditions, medications, diet, and fitness level. Today, we’re even more aware of our heart rate, thanks to devices such as smartwatches that can measure every beat during rest and exercise. So, what is normal?

How should we measure our heart rate?
Surprisingly, there are over twelve places you can feel your pulse. But there are two that are the easiest and most reliable – the radial artery, which runs along the inside of the forearm from the base of the thumb; and the carotid artery, which runs up the front of the neck two fingers to the side of the Adam’s apple.

The best way to measure heart rate is to sit down for a few minutes and relax, then use two fingers (not your thumb, as its own pulse can confuse your measurement) to gently compress the artery and count the beats over 15 seconds. Multiplying this by four will give your heart rate in beats per minute.

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Klein-Brakrivierstrand steeds gesluit

- GEORGE NEWSMOSSELBAAI NUUS - Die Klein-Brakrivierstrand is steeds gesluit en sal waarskynlik tot einde vandeesweek vir die publiek ontoeganklik wees terwyl die karkasse van die twee walvisse wat daar uitgespoel het, verwyder word.

Mosselbaai munisipaliteit se omgewingsbeampte, Warren Manuel, berig dat dit standaard prosedure is om strande vir sowat 'n week te sluit nadat seelewe soos walvisse uitgespoel het.

Inwoners en besoekers word daarom versoek om die strand tot verdere kennisgewing nie te gebruik nie.
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3 Months jail time for smoking in your own home

- GENERAL NEWSNATIONAL NEWS - The citizens of the Republic of South Africa have until middle August to comment on the proposed new Tobacco Control Bill.

The proposed Tobacco Control Bill has caused uproar as it suggests jail time (up to three months) for persons who smoke in public conveyance, who smoke in cars containing either other persons or any person under the age of 18 and for persons who smoke in their own homes if they employ a domestic worker, garden services, tutor or Au-pair.

The proposed bill will also make it illegal for restaurants, pubs and clubs to have designated smoking areas inside.

Furthermore, smoking inside any building will be prohibited, as will smoking in certain outdoor spaces such as beaches and sport stadiums.
The proposed bill also holds property owners responsible for anyone that smokes on their property.

Should you own property and fail to display sufficiently visible “no smoking” signs, you could be jailed for up to a year.

If the proposed bill is passed, smokers will essentially only be able to smoke in a designated area outside that is at least five meters away from doors and windows.

If this bill is successfully passed, the tobacco industry will face major changes.

The bill also proposes plain packaging for cigarettes, such as that which has already been implemented in Australia.

The danger of plain packaging is that it opens the door to illicit trade by making it easier for crooks to disguise illegal cigarettes as the real thing.

South Africa has already lost R27 billion in revenue since 2010 due to the illicit trade of cigarettes, and this loss could potentially increase by 30% after the proposed bill is passed, if the trend in Australia holds true.

This bill is also radically different to previous legislation in that it classifies e-cigarettes and vaporizers as tobacco dispense devices, which means that they will be subject to the same aforementioned new rules which will apply to cigarettes.

South Africans have the power to stop this bill in its tracks by submitting their comments on it via email to lynn.moeng@health.gov.za before August 10.

Article: Caxton publication, Witbank News
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Fresh tension as Israel reimposes Gaza fuel blockade

- GLOBAL NEWSINTERNATIONAL NEWS - Israel reimposed a blockade on fuel deliveries to Gaza on Thursday citing a resurgence in kites carrying firebombs over the border and signalling a brief pause in tensions may be ending.

After two deadly military flare-ups in the Gaza Strip and a ceasefire brokered by Egypt and UN officials last month, the number of firebombs being launched over the border to burn Israeli farmland had diminished.

But Wednesday saw seven fires started by the incendiaries, and Defence Minister Avigdor Lieberman later announced Israel's Kerem Shalom goods crossing with Gaza would be closed for fuel deliveries "until further notice."

"The decision was made in light of the continued terror with Molotov cocktails and the friction on the fence," Lieberman's office said, referring to months of clashes along the Gaza border between the army and Palestinian protesters.

A previous ban on fuel deliveries last month had resulted in warnings from UN officials that emergency fuel supplies were running low and the shortage was beginning to affect hospitals and water sanitation.

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ENTERTAINMENT NEWS - Due to a change in the actor’s schedule, Comic-Con attendees won’t get to meet Aquaman.

- GLOBAL NEWSIn news that will likely have nerds, geeks and cosplayers wailing and gnashing their teeth, Comic Con Africa has announced that Jason Momoa won’t be attending the event.

In a tweet sent out earlier, Comic Con Africa said that the Game Of Thrones and Aquaman star regrets he won’t be able to come to the convention due some film shoot rescheduling.

The news is something of a body blow for Comic Con Africa, since Momoa was easily the biggest draw on the convention’s line-up card.

Celebrities that are still on for the show are actors Kevin Sussman (from The Big Bang Theory and Ugly Betty) and Rick Worthy (Supernatural), Andy Diggle (comic book writer) and international cosplay star Yaya Han.

Comic Con Africa’s organisers have said that there will be ‘an additional celebrity guest’ announced soon, but whether they’ll be able to make up for Momoa’s absence is unknown at this stage.
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NATIONAL NEWS - The Department of Water and Sanitation published a report

- GENERAL NEWS that painted a stable picture of the water situation around the country but has emphasized that South Africa is not out of the woods just yet.

Recent rains around the country have given a glimmer of hope that the days of the water crisis might soon be over even though it is too early to consider lifting water restrictions.

Gauteng takes the top spot with dam levels almost at full capacity at 99.7%.

The figures indicate a great improvement from 2017 where levels were recorded at 90.2%. The Vaal Dam is among the water resources that has recorded the highest levels in the country at 97.6%. It is important to have the Vaal Dam at full capacity because it services Gauteng, the economic hub of the country. The dam has improved by three percent since last year.

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Minor petrol price hike in August

The wholesale price of illuminating paraffin will rise by 4 c/l, while the retail price of LPG will increase by 17 c/kg.

JOHANNESBURG - The Department of Energy has announced that the fuel price is set to rise by 1 cents a litre and diesel will cost 4 c/l less from 1 August.

The wholesale price of illuminating paraffin will rise by 4 c/l, while the retail price of LPG will increase by 17 c/kg.

The Automobile Association's Layton Beard says the increase can be attributed to the improved currency exchange rate.

“The exchange rate performances and the increase in international oil prices have resulted in this increase that we’re seeing now that’s being announced by the Department of Energy. During July, the recent weakening trade of the rand against the US dollar slowed and over the same period, international oil prices showed a slight average decrease.”

At the beginning of July, 93 octane costed 26 cents more, while 95 went up by 23 cents per litre.