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Tuesday, March 28 2017 @ 03:47 pm SAST

friendsofgeorge - Networking.

Networking - friendsofgeorge -
ACTIVE Networking at it's best - come and experience it first hand... "friendsofgeorge" has been ACTIVE in George for close to 15 years with a signed up membership close to 1'600 businesses. Our Networking sessions are absolutely free with no pressure to join. You can attend every Network and come and display your product. We will give you the opportunity to introduce yourself your product and yourself. We Network every Thursday morning at 10h00 at one of our members premises. You will be allowed to keep your cell switched on so that you can be in touch with your office at all times. The "friends" would love to meet you. See Yeah...!


EDEN Paints - George

HerbaZone - George

HerbaZone - George
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Networking at it's best...!

Come and enjoy a hot cup of coffee with the "friends" at this "lovely" venue.....! Experience the tranquility that only nature can give you as we build relationships with like-minded business people. Networking is not about sales but about marketing yourself, your company and your product. If you do this right sales will follow automatically. We give you this opportunity absolutely FREE!!!

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Networking at it's best with theFriends of George

This is your invitation to great Networking..... our Networking sessions are free..... Please come and join us at McDonalds on Thursday morning at 10h00. You are most welcome......!

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Your invitation to ACTIVE Networking.

Your invite to ACTIVE Networking with THE FRIENDS OF GEORGE.

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Active Networking with the "friendsofgeorge"

This is your invitation to FREE Active Networking - come and display your product and enjoy a FREE cup of WIMPY coffee with us. You are most welcome.......!