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Saturday, January 25 2020 @ 08:24 am UTC

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About those New Year’s Resolutions….


Hi Folks,

About those New Year’s Resolutions….

Most of us set New Year’s Resolutions at the beginning of each new year, I am sure that you have too! Research shows that generally by around the 20th of January all those resolutions are out of the window!

WHY? Because they are “nice to have things” that have not been transformed into “GOALS”!!

You have probably heard this before: A Harvard study back in the 1950’s showed that:

3% of people were independently wealthy

10% lived comfortably

60% just got by

And 27% needed support to survive

The only measurable difference between these groups was that the 3% group had written and specific goals and a plan in place to achieve them. The 10% group had goals generally in mind but they were not written down. The rest had very few dreams or aspirations at all.

Success leave footprints! We don’t need to reinvent the wheel, just do what successful people over the ages have done. Have written goals and a plan to achieve them.

So, what will your New Year’s Resolutions be?

To lose weight
To stop smoking
To finally do that sales or marketing course
To join a gym
To get rid of your stress
To improve your significant relationships
To employ a life coach

Whatever it is, you need to have it written down in the form of a present tense, believable and achievable goal. Then you need to plan step by step what you need to do to bring it into reality.

I have a very useful goal planning template for this purpose. Yours at no cost, just ask!

That’s not all there is too it! You need to develop the ideal mindset to make it happen. Success in life is 10% skill and 90% attitude! “Think you can, think you can’t, either way you are right”!

My Subliminal CD’s and MP3’s are very useful tools to help you create that ideal mindset.

I consult with my clients to help then set goals in all areas so that they can develop balance in their lives. There is no point in growing a highly successful business and then suffering from a heart attack. Look at all areas, business or career and financial, relationships, personal and material goals, health and wellness, personal growth and development, spiritual and also the social and leisure area. Yes, you need to have fun too!

So start your year with a goal planning session with me so that you can crystalize your thinking, develop a plan for achieving your significant goal, develop a sincere desire for what you want, develop supreme confidence in yourself and your abilities and develop a dogged determination to follow through on your plan regardless of obstacles, criticism or circumstances.

Paul J Meyer of Success Motivation Institute said:

“Whatever you vividly imagine, sincerely desire and enthusiastically act upon must inevitably come to pass”.

I wish you all a fantastic 2020, may all your goals and dreams be realised!

Warmest regards,

John Broome


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Map of Africa
GARDEN ROUTE NEWS - The Map of Africa is one of the coolest things to see in the George area.

The world-famous landmark in Wilderness Heights is about 15km from George in the direction of Knysna.

The vantage point overlooking the Map of Africa is a sought-after launch site for hang gliders and paragliders. The large lawn also provides a wonderful picnic spot for the whole family. Pets are welcome if they are well behaved and on a leash. So, if you want to take the family out for a picnic with a very nice view, this is just for you.

The bright and colourful paragliders create a beautiful picture against the blue sky. The last stretch to the viewpoint is dirt road, but it is very well maintained. Keep in mind that this is a very popular viewpoint and on weekends a long line of cars is parked along the road.

The Map, as it is known among locals, is a spectacular landscape of mountains and forests. It is amazing how nature formed this ‘map’ of Africa.

Make sure all your goodies are in your picnic basket. Of course, remember sunscreen, a hat, chairs, blankets and your camera. Children and pets are welcome.


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KW EDEN - KELLER WILLIAMS REALTY..... wishing you.....!


If you know of anyone that wants to sell or buy, I'm happy to assist them.

Bertie Kingsley
o: (044) 873 3060
m: 0795255110
e: bertie.kingsley@kwsa.co.za

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Brenda Vorster, manager of George Airport, showing the media around on Thursday morning. Photo: Eugene Gunning
GEORGE NUUS - Expansion plans are in the pipeline for George Airport.

If all goes according to plan, construction will start in March/April 2020 and be finished by December 2022.

In the 2014/15 financial year, the total number of passengers was 615 688. By the end of the financial year 2018/2019, it had reached 835 906 - a growth of 35,7% over four years.

When the new expansions are finished, the airport will have the capacity to handle 1,2 million passengers per year.

On Thursday morning, 14 November, members of the media were shown around the airport and informed of the new plans.

More detailed announcements will be made later. In the first stage, the number of boarding gates will be increased from 6 to 8.

Brenda Vorster, George Airport manager, said that the Airports Company of South Africa (Acsa) is very much aware and proud of George Airport's status as a gateway to tourism that has national and international significance.

Vorster said that development of tourism and business in the region has been central to the airport’s growth.


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By Juanita Botha

The George Municipality reminds residents and visitors that fireworks, fire crackers, flares, paper lanterns and other such paraphernalia are considered a major fire risk and are not allowed in public or private spaces in the municipal area this summer, or at any other time.

George Fire Chief Neels Barnard said the George Municipality Public Safety and Nuisance bylaws, overall fire safety and disaster management regulations, and ongoing dry and hot conditions of the Western Cape fire season were all reasons why fireworks remained banned in the municipal area. “We appeal to residents and visitors to consider that the city and all its neighbourhoods and beaches are surrounded by natural vegetation and that, combined with hot and windy summer weather conditions on the Garden Route, the fire risk is omnipresent.”

The selling of fireworks is also illegal, and no such permits have been issued or will be issued by the George Municipality. The illegal trading, possession and/or setting off of fireworks carry fines of R300 and fireworks will be confiscated. Such activities can be reported on the numbers below.

While the current municipal bylaw mentions application for a permit for professional pyrotechnic shows, the George Fire Department reiterates that no such permits have been issued for years and are extremely unlikely to be issued in the foreseeable future.

Mr Barnard stressed there had not been designated sites for fireworks in the George municipal area for years and was unlikely to be reinstated, despite public tradition to ‘self-designate’ certain areas such as beaches, parks and streets. “This summer we are especially concerned about our coastal zone, which has been identified as a high-risk area in our recent fire risk assessment. While we know the intention is to light the fireworks over the sea or out of harm’s way, the risk of misreading wind direction or a change in wind direction is not worth taking when lives and property are at stake.

“Paper lanterns hold duel concern. In addition to the risk of blowing and dropping out of sight and catching fire in vegetation or on flammable material before it is extinguished, paper lanterns also waste resources when rescue services are incorrectly alerted to an ‘emergency flare’.

“Similarly, the illegal setting off of a signal flare on New Year’s Eve 2019 caused a fire that destroyed several homes and necessitated evacuations at Betty’s Bay. A man was ultimately arrested and charged in terms of the National Environmental Management Protected Areas Act.

“The public must please understand that any kind of spark or heat holds a threat – while fireworks, flares and lanterns are being highlighted, the appeal is for responsible, fire-aware action throughout. Please exercise extreme caution always, make fires only in protected and designated areas, and dispose of cigarette butts safely.”

The George Fire Department’s access to high-tech equipment such as a drone has this year enabled it to do extensive fire risk assessment across the municipal area, specifically in areas that are difficult to access on land. “The fuel load in the coastal zone is particularly high, mostly due to the areas not having naturally burnt off for some time, which means relatively thick layers of very dry wood and other plant material close to beaches and beachside communities that would probably burn hot and fast should it catch fire. The vegetation in these zones are generally fynbos, afro-montane indigenous forest and alien vegetation, and are mostly on private agricultural and residential land.

“The George Municipality has already taken steps to address issues highlighted by this assessment. We have started issuing notices to landowners reminding them of their legal responsibility regarding alien vegetation and fire management. A small patch of coastal land belonging to the municipality will be cleared shortly, and patches municipal land in other high-risk areas cleared before the start of the official fire season on 1 December 2019.”

The municipality will also be erecting ‘no fireworks’ posters ahead of the festive season at beaches, public open spaces and streets known for fireworks activities.

“We make an urgent appeal to all who live and visit here to respect the fireworks ban and to be generally fire-aware wherever they go, whatever they do. As a community still reeling from devastating fires over the past two years, the people of George and the Garden Route need everyone’s help to raise fire risk awareness and be safe. We thank you in advance for your cooperation and support,” said Mr Barnard.

Please report illegal trade and setting off of fireworks in George to Law Enforcement at 044 801 6350 or after hours at 044 801 6300.
Please report illegal, irresponsible and unsafe fires to the Fire Department on 044 801 6300.

FIRE EMERGENCIES: 044 801 6311


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The late Harold Basson and his wife Lidia.

GEORGE NEWS - Mr Trevor Botha, Municipal Manager for George Municipality today offered his condolences and that of George Municipality and Council to the family, friends and colleagues of Harold Basson who passed away suddenly last week.

Harold was previously employed by the George Municipality for 31 years and as Director: Civil Engineering Services for the last 11 years.

Our thoughts are with everyone who knew him and worked with him and we wish his wife Lidia and family, much strength during this difficult time.


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Lara Mostert, co-owner of Monkeyland, with the Major Tourist Attraction trophy.
GARDEN ROUTE NEWS - The Garden Route tourist attraction Monkeyland, together with its three sister sanctuaries, has won the accolade of Major Tourist Attraction at the global 2019 Sustainable Tourism Awards.

Co-owner of Monkeyland, Lara Mostert, went to Miami to collect the award on behalf of the South African Animal Sanctuary Alliance (Saasa), the holding company of these institutions.

The handover took place on 15 September during the opening ceremony of the Skål World Congress, held from 14 to 21 September on board the Royal Caribbean Symphony of the Seas.

Andrew Rogers, president of Skål International Garden Route, with which Saasa is affiliated, expressed delight about the win.

Skål International is a professional organisation of tourism leaders around the world and an affiliated member of the United Nations World Tourism Organisation (UNWTO).

"As an international organisation of tourism industry leaders, Skål International is a powerful force in the travel and tourism industry to initiate change and encourage the conservation of the environment in order to promote tourism and travel," he said. "We adopted the Global Code of Ethics in Tourism, and also support the Sustainable Tourism-Eliminating Poverty (ST-EP initiative)."

A total of 56 entries from 25 countries competed this year. The awards were launched in 2002 and any company from the public and private sector, NGOs, government agencies and educational institutions may submit an entry in one of nine categories.


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Leerlinge, almal deel van die Early Act-klub by Laerskool Outeniqua, by kos en ander voorrade wat hulle as deel van hul nuutste gemeenskapsprojek aan Odin (Oudtshoorn Dogs In Need) oorhandig het.

GEORGE NUUS - Leerlinge van die Laerskool Outeniqua het hul liefde vir weerlose diere gewys toe hulle onlangs kos en ander voorrade oorhandig het aan Odin (Oudtshoorn Dogs In Need).

Die leerlinge, almal deel van die Early Act-klub by Laerskool Outeniqua het dit as deel van hulle nuutste gemeenskapsprojek voltooi.

Early Act word by laerskole deur die internasionale Rotariërs ondersteun en het as doel om geleenthede te verskaf aan jong leerders vir aktiewe burgerskap in a kultureel diverse samelewing in ‘n interafhanklike wêreld.

"Ons het onlangs bewus geword van die Odin-projek wat vier jaar gelede op Oudtshoorn begin is, en nou ook aktief is in George, met hul plaaslike basis net buite Blanco," het Danielle Barnard, onderwyser en Early Act-koördineerder by Laerskool Outeniqua, vertel.

"Die inisiatief behels 'n veilige hawe vir mishandelde en verwaarloosde diere waar hul versorg en gerehabiliteer word tot op die punt waar lede van die publiek die diere kan aanneem, maar slegs nadat ondersoek geloods is oor die aanneemouers ten einde herhaalde trauma vir die dier te vermy.

"Ons wou graag iets doen vir die diere sowel as die spesiale mense wat na hul omsien. Ons Early Actors was meer as opgewasse vir die taak."

Die leerlinge, almal deel van die Early Act-klub by Laerskool Outeniqua het dit as deel van hulle nuutste gemeenskapsprojek voltooi.

Die leerders by die Early Act-klub, bygestaan deur hul ouers, sowel as die skool in sy geheel, het kos en ander voorrade gereël vir die samekoms. Op die dag van die besoek het sowat 35 Early Actors by die Odin-basis buite Blanco byeengekom, die voedsel en voorrade oorhandig, en toe met die honde en katte op die gronde gespeel.

"Die sleutelwaardes van ons skool is respek, hoflikheid, probleemoplossing en verantwoordelikheid," het Johan Smit, hoof van Laerskool Outeniqua, gesê.

"Early Act verskaf aan ons 'n manier om hierdie beginsels te koester en te bevorder."

Carryn Trollope, president van die George Rotariërs, het gesê die organisasie is trots om met die Outeniqua Early Actors geassosieer te word.

"Hulle inisiatiewe verpersoonlik die leierskap, empatie en gemeenskapsbetrokkenheid wat ons land baie nodig het."

Enige persoon wat navrae het oor die lansering van 'n Early Act-klub by hul laerskool is welkom om met Wilhelm van der Vyver van die George Rotariërs te skakel tydens kantoorure by 044 873 0215.


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GEORGE NUUS - Nes die Kaapse Dokter, storm Tanja die musiekbedryf binne op 'n jong ouderdom en is hier om te bly. Getoë in Melkbosstrand en alreeds 'n meester van die klawerbord op ouderdom sewe, het Tanja geweet musiek spoel soos die branders deur haar - onkeerbaar.

Sy neem haar debuut album in 2009 op en die optredes stroom landwyd in, maar nou is sy op pad met 'n splinternuwe album getiteld, Ek is oppad.

En sy is op pad na George waar sy op Saterdag 24 Augustus in die George-kunsteteater optree met 'n lewendige orkes.

Gaskunstenaars vir die aand is eie aan die Tuinroete, Bea Crawford en Albert Meintjes. Beide gevestigde sangers en liedjieskrywers, gaan hulle bydra tot die aand se vermaak. Bea is 'n talentvolle musikale teateraktrise en bekroonde skrywer, en het verskeie van haar gedigte in Suid-Afrika gepubliseer.

Albert se sterkste bron van liriese inspirasie word getrek uit die gebeure van die daaglikse lewe en die emosies wat hulle op ons aanspreek.

Sy verhale van liefde, avontuur en die al te dikwels onsigbare natuurskoon wat ons omring, beloof om sy gehoor op 'n inspirerende en boeiende reis te neem.

Kaartjies is beskikbaar by Computicket of skakel 044 874 3142 vir navrae.

Tanja is op pad na George waar sy op Saterdag 24 Augustus in die George-kunsteteater optree met 'n lewendige orkes.


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The man was airlifted to hospital. Photos: NSRI Wilderness
GEORGE NEWS - A 30 year old man survived a fall from a cliff in Victoria Bay on Saturday.

Craig Lambinon, NSRI Spokesman, says the man survived a 10m fall of a cliff face. According to Lambinon the man was airlifted to hospital in a serious but stable condition.

He said the man was helped by NSRI Wilderness, EMS and George Fire and Rescue and they were assisted by a private doctor who happened to be on holiday.

“The doctor initiated medical treatment. The man was first airlifted out of the barely accessible area before taken to hospital by helicopter.”

Athane Scholtz, George Municipality media liaison officer, says it was a joint operation between NSRI and George Fire and Rescue.

The man was helped by NSRI Wilderness, EMS and George Fire and Rescue and they were assisted by a private doctor who happened to be on holiday.


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