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Saturday, April 21 2018 @ 03:47 am SAST

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What’s on the cards for property in 2018

PROPERTY NEWS - 2017 has been a challenging year for the South African property market in general, despite small pockets of thriving activity in areas like the Western Cape.

As we head into 2018, Tony Clarke, Managing Director of the Rawson Property Group, casts his eye forward to property trends and market influences that could make their impact felt in the New Year.

Demand and Market Activity
“2017 showed a slow but consistent decrease in market activity across the country,” says Clarke, “with the average time on the market increasing to around 16 weeks.

"This was mainly due to two influences: a decrease in consumer confidence and spending power thanks to our tumultuous political and economic climate, and a reluctance – or inertia – from sellers to adjust their asking prices accordingly.”

While these influences are unlikely to change much in 2018, and their combination will almost certainly continue to depress market activity in the mid- to high-end price bands, Clarke says the outlook for entry-level properties is much more positive.

“No matter what the financial situation, people need a place to live, which means there’s always going to be demand for property,” he explains.

“In tough economic times, that demand shifts towards more affordable investments, increasing activity on the lower end of the market.”

As a result, Clarke predicts new developments and entry-level housing to hit the ground running in 2018, and remain a profitable investment in the long term.

Price Growth
In keeping with demand trends, Clarke predicts that the lower end of the property market will likely experience the highest growth in 2018.

“We’ve already seen this trend making its impact felt over the course of 2017, with properties valued under R1million seeing far stronger price growth than those over the R1million mark,” says Clarke.

“There are, of course, areas that buck this trend and show excellent price growth in other value bands, but on average, we do expect affordable property to outperform the rest in 2018.”

Despite 2017’s economic issues, banks are reported to have lightened up on their lending criteria towards the end of the year, which could make things easier for buyers in 2018.

“We’ve seen bonds being granted at better rates than we’ve had for a while,” says Clarke, “and banks are making it easier for entrepreneurs to access housing finance.

"That’s good news for first-time buyers who are considering getting into the market – they could find very favourable options on the table in 2018.”

For the "Buyer to Be", Clarke strongly advises to save for the highest deposit possible in order to secure a better loan to value ratio, this will inevitably give the buyer negotiating power with the banks in order to achieve the best interest rate possible.

Clarke also points out that affordability is still key, and that consumers should be conservative in their expenditure wherever possible.

“Banks may be tending towards leniency, but they’re far from reckless,” says Clarke.

“You’re still going to need to be able to prove financial responsibility and your ability to service a loan.

"With all our economic uncertainty, I’d definitely recommend erring on the side of caution when it comes to financial commitments, but I do think property remains one of the most stable investments you can make in present circumstances.”

2017 has been a challenging year for the South African property market in general, despite small pockets of thriving activity in areas like the Western Cape.

As we head into 2018, Tony Clarke, Managing Director of the Rawson Property Group, casts his eye forward to property trends and market influences that could make their impact felt in the New Year.
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Friends share Ford passion

Friends share Ford passion and fun

Philip Kuschke at a young age, with his father and his 1915 Model T Ford.
MOTORING NEWS - The 22nd George Old Car Show, proudly driven by Oakhurst Insurance Company, takes place on 10 and 11 February.

More than 40 Ford models that were manufactured before 1930 will participate in the 2018 Veteran and Vintage Tour just before to the show.

These will also be on display during the George Old Car Show and among these will be two Ford Model T-cars that belong to friends and namesakes Philip Kuschke and Phillip Rosser.

1915 Ford Model T
Philip Kuschke has been interested in veteran Fords from an early age. "My father played around with Model T Fords. He taught me to drive his 1915 Ford Model T when I was nine years old."

Philip's own 1915 is his favourite Ford. He received a brass radiator from Ignus Bucher in Alexandria in 2006 and started collecting the rest of the parts.

"If one can get hold of a brass radiator, the rest of the parts will follow. Phillip Rosser and I travelled many kilometers countrywide to collect parts."

Philip was able to do most of the restoration, except the upholstery.

"Kevin Casey, my friend and mentor, contributed a great deal to my knowledge of the restoration process. I started working on the chassis and engine because I had many parts."

The bodywork was more of a challenge, as a lot of parts were missing. Some had to be imported from the US.

Philip Kuschke's 1915 Model T Ford. Here he is testing the running chassis for the first time.

"The body of the early Ford Model T contains a lot of wood. I used to own a furniture factory. As I am quite proficient in woodwork, I was able to manufacture the wooden frame of the bodywork and spokes. I also did the steam bending of the roof trusses myself."

It eventually took four years to restore the vehicle to its former glory.

"I am quite sentimental and admire the previous generation. I experience the delightful nostalgia of a century ago whenever I get into a Model T."

Philip's wife, Rosita, shares his enthusiasm. She especially enjoys driving Philip's 1923 Model T.

"This vehicle has a self-starter, so she does not have to crank the engine. She loves driving it and will be the designated driver during the 2018 Veteran Tour."

Philip's brother Emil and his wife, Hannetjie, also share the couple's enthusiasm.

The 2008 Ford Model T Centenary was a major highlight for Philip. "This tour kindled a new enthusiasm for antique vehicles."

The 2018 Veteran and Vintage Tour Philip is planning, is a direct result of the 2008 tour.

The restoration of Phillip Rosser's 1926 Model T Ford nearing completion.

"We are always looking for an opportunity to enjoy the company of like-minded people."

In 2018, ten years after the 2008 tour, the Ford Veteran and Vintage Tour will celebrate a double centenary, as the Model T will be 110 years old, while the Model A will be 90 years old - 200 years in total.

1926 Ford Model T
Phillip Rosser fell in love with the Ford Model T when he acted as navigator for Philip Kuschke during a veteran rally.

"Philip thought it was a good idea to teach me how to drive the car. I was so impressed that I immediately decided I also wanted to own one."

In 2006, he bought a bakkie load of 1926 Ford Model T parts. These badly corroded parts represented about 60% of the vehicle.

He and his namesake scoured the country for more parts.

It took a lot of effort to repair and build the parts. Some of the tasks, such as cylinder boring, were done by an engineering workshop.

The restoration of Phillip Rosser's 1926 Model T Ford completed after four years.

New owner Phillip was able to manufacture the spokes for the wheels and parts of the body himself.

Philip Kuschke often helped and they reassembled the car.

Four years later the 1926 Ford Model T was restored to pristine condition.

Rosser loves driving his Model T. "Fortunately my wife, Amanda, shares my passion for old cars. We are always looking for opportunities to take the Model T for a weekend drive."

The Rosser couple loves taking part in the Southern Cape Old Car Club's annual Heritage Tour in September.

They are looking forward keenly to the 2018 Veteran Tour.

The 2018 George Old Car Show takes place at PW Botha College.

Phillip Rosser's 1926 Model T Ford in the early stages of restoration.

Special weekend and day entrance tickets can be bought online at www.scocc.co.za.

Only vehilcles manufactured before 1975 and which have been registered in advance, will be exhibited at the show.

Contact Klaus Oellrich on 076 764 0897 for more information, or register on the website at www.scocc.co.za.
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SPAR express Kraaibosch brei uit

Beantree Cafe bied die heerlikste koffie 24 ure van die dag.


BESIGHEID NUUS - Daar is opwindende nuwe verwikkelinge by die 24-uur SPAR express by Shell Kraaibosch.

Dié onderneming het nie net in die laaste drie maande groot verbeteringe aangebring nie, maar die winkel is ook uitgebrei om 'n groter verskeidenheid produkte te lewer.

Die winkel spog met kraakvars produkte wat daagliks van plaaslike leweransiers verkry word, verruklike slaaie en ander disse gereed vir die tafel, 'n groot verskeidenheid kruideniersware, suiwel- en vleisprodukte asook die baie gewilde Beantree Cafe.

Dié koffiekroeg bied die heerlikste koffie en gehalte kos op hul billike spyskaart. Loer gerus hier in vir ontbyt, middagete of 'n middernaghappie.

Hulle is altyd oop.

"Ons is baie opgewonde oor die potensiaal van die SPAR express. Dit is reeds baie gewild onder klante en nou ook bekend vir sy kwaliteit geriefsmaaltye," sê Gustav Hofmeister.

Hofmeister is ook die ervare eienaar van die KWIKSPAR op Wilderness.

Weens 'n gebrek aan tyd en om die beste diens te kan lewer het SPAR express Kraaibosch se eienaar, Morné Strauss, Hofmeister genader om die winkel se volle potensiaal te ontgin.

Vars produkte word daagliks hier afgelewer.

"Ek is baie opgewonde oor die kombinasie van ons kundigheid. Sedert Gustav by ons aangesluit het is daar reeds 'n groot verskil. Ons vul mekaar goed aan," het Strauss aan die George Herald gesê.

Hierdie topklas-onderneming stop egter nie daar nie. Hulle spog met OTM’s van FNB, Absa, Standard en Nedbank, hulle personeel ondergaan ook deurlopende opleiding om aan klante die beste diens te lewer en vroeg in Desember maak Steers sy deure op die perseel oop.

Shavona Petersen, Amanda Botha, Gustav Hofmeister en René Terblanche. 'n Formidabele span wat SPAR express @ Kraaibosch tot nuwe hoogtes gaan neem. Foto's: Kristy Kolberg

"Ons streef daarna om die winkel op dieselfde vlak as Shell Kraaibosch, wat vanjaar as die beste Shell in die land aangewys is, te kry.

"Ons wil die maatstaf vir geriefswinkels in Suid-Afrika wees," sê Strauss.
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York matrics celebrate end of exams

The spirit of York high matriculants was high on Monday afternoon after completing their final matric examination paper. The learners wrote their last papers, English First Additional Language and English Home Language, on Monday 27 November.
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